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Wire Tacking / Electronics Bonding Kit
SuperGlue 5 Pak
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Accelerators: Speed the cure of cyanoacrylates and cure any liquid adhesive outside of the joint.
Primers: Using primers on hard to bond plastics, will increase the bond strength.
Debonder: Use to remove cured cyanoacrylate adhesive.

Available Products

Product Base Unknown: color Viscosity
Acetone Accelerator Acetone Clear/amber 3 All Cyanoacrylates
Aerosol Acetone Accelerator (10 oz) Acetone Clear 3 All Cyanoacrylates
Heptane Accelerator Heptane Clear 3 All Cyanoacrylates
Non Hazardous Accelerator Synthetic Hydrocarbon Clear 3 All Cyanoacrylates
Debonder Nitromethane Clear/amber 3 Adhesive remover
PP/PE Primer Heptane Amber/brown 3 Bonding difficult surfaces


Acetone Accelerator Aerosol Acetone Accelerator Heptane Accelerator Non Hazardous Accelerator Debonder PP/PE Primer

Brand Cross Reference

CA PLUS LOCTITE Henkel Permabond 3M
Acetone Accelerator 7452/7453 Fastac QFS 10 Acc
Acetone Aerosol Accelerator        
Heptane Accelerator 7113 Fastac H QFS 16  
Non Hazardous Accelerator        
PP/PE Primer 770   SP 11  
Debonder 768 D-Bond    

Loctite is a registered trademark of Loctite Corporation.
Henkel is a trademark of Henkel Adhesives Company.
Permabond is a division of National Starch and Chemical Company.
3M is a trademark of 3M Company.