CA PLUS Adhesives Anaerobics are one component adhesives and sealants that join metal assemblies, to prevent vibration loosening, prevent tampering, and seal against leakage and corrosion. These adhesives cure in the absence of oxygen with minimal shrinkage. They are engineered with specific removal strengths, so they can be disassembled with standard tools, or be non-removable (heat over 350°F/177°C will allow easy disassembly). They are also formulated to hold cylindrical parts together (bearings, bushings gear, etc.), seal metal flanges (replace cut gaskets), and seal tapered pipe threads (hydraulic, air fluids, etc.).

Anaerobic Threadlockers

CA PLUS Adhesives Anaerobic Threadlockers are chemical products designed to reduce manufacturing cost while providing increased reliability of mechanical assemblies.

Anaerobic products are designed to cure (with minimal shrinkage) in the presence of metal and the absence of air. They have been used by manufacturers for over 35 years to replace expensive mechanical devices designed to prevent parts from vibrating apart. Because of minimal shrinkage, Anaerobics also prevent rust, corrosion and leakage.

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Anaerobic Retaining Compounds

CA PLUS Adhesives Retaining Compounds are engineered to greatly increase the shear strength of cylindrical assemblies. These unique products fill the inner space and surface irregularities between parts and create a unitized, strong, precision, corrosion resistant assembly. They are single component, solvent free compounds that are ready to use right from the bottle and can be easily automated. There are eleven different formulations designed to fit almost all manufacturing requirements.

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