Ethyl Grades

Ethyl Cyanoacrylates should be tried first for most production applications. They are the least expensive adhesives but produce the most blooming. The are designed to bond a wide range of similar and dissimilar materials: plastics, metals, elastomers, etc.,. They bond both porous and non porous surfaces. They have excellent aging and weathering characteristics. They are single component, room temperature and rapid curing adhesives. These can be rapidly cured with an Activator

They are ideal for parts that are clean and ready to be bonded. Viscosities range from water Thin (5cps) to Gel (100,000+cps). These Adhesives will bond various substrates with gaps up to .015″ and fixturing cure speeds from 1 to 25 seconds.

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Methyl Grades

Methyl Cyanoacrylates are formulated to bond metal to metal, and metal to other substrates such as: plastics, elastomers, wood, and both porous and non porous surfaces. They have the best moisture resistance. They are room temperature, single component, and rapid curing adhesives. Viscosities range from 5cps to 2000cps and cure speeds from 1 to 15 seconds.

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Surface Insensitive Grades

Surface Insensitive Cyanoacrylates bond more types of materials than the standard ethyl grades such as acidic surfaces, wood, PVC, surfaces that contain containments or plasticizers, and certain types of EPDM, other inert surfaces, etc.,. Viscosities range from 5cps to 100,000+ cps. Fixturing cure speeds range from 1 to 25 seconds.

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Fast Cure/Cure Through Volume Grades

This unique family of Cyanoacrylates is used where extremely fast cure times and high speed dispensing is critical. Cure speeds range from <1 second to 10 seconds depending on viscosity. Viscosities range from 5cps to 100,000+cps. They can also be used where there are large gaps and with difficult to bond substrates.

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Clear/Toughened Grades

This family of Cyanoacrylates combines excellent peel and impact resistance, with high shear strength. They are designed to increase the toughness and impact resistance of the bonded joint. These Cyanoacrylates are used when vibration is present, such as speakers and floor mats. They are good where dissimilar materials may have different expansion rates or where the bonded part will see shock and/or vibration. Viscosities range from 5cps to 10,000cps and fixturing times from 1 to 15 seconds.

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Black/Toughened Grades

These black toughened Adhesives provide the best impact and shock resistance. They have the same characteristics as the Clear/Toughened Grade. They are rubber toughened to provide the best possible strength in severe applications. Viscosities range from 120cps to 10,000cps with fixturing times from 5 to 25 seconds.

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Low Odor/Low Bloom Grades

These advanced Cyanoacrylates reduce odor and the whitening effect around the bond line, called blooming or frosting. They reduce the need for sophisticated ventilation systems, eliminate production line odor and irritatin complains, and are safe to use on dark or other products where cosmetic appearance is important.

When standard Cyanoacrylates cure they volatize, producing an odor that generally iritates the eyes or nose (but are still safe). They also react with the moisture in the air and settle back down on the part producing blooming.

These adhesives have less volatiles and therefore produce less odor and eye and nose irritation and blooming. Viscosities range from 5cps to 1000cps with fixturing cure speeds from 5 to 20 seconds.

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High Temperature (275°F) Grades

This family of cyanoacrylates is ideal for applications that have a high degree of temperature cycling and/or extended operation at elevated temperatures. Normal Cyanoacrylates will break down at temperatures between 180°F to 200°F. These Cyanoacrylates are good up to 275°F. Viscosities range from 5cps to 4000cps. Fixturing cure speeds range from 5 to 25 seconds.

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Medical (USP VI) Grades

These Cyanoacrylates have USP VI Certification and are generally used in bonding medical devices. Viscosities range from 5cps to 4000 cps and fixturing cure times from 5 to 25 seconds.

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These chemical tools work in conjunction with CA PLUS Cyanoacrylates, and all other Cyanoacrylates.
Accelerators can be applied to one surface while a Cyanoacrylate is applied to another surface, speeding the curing of the adhesive. Accelerators can also be applied on top of the bond joint and this will cure any adhesive outside of the bond. Accelerators can also be applied directly on top of the Cyanoacrylate, for example in the case of a wire tacking application.

Primers are used to increase the bond strength of hard-to-bond plastics, such as Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyacetal and similar Plastics. Simply apply primer to one or both surfaces and allow liquid to evaporate. Now the surfaces are ready to bond using CA PLUS Cyanoacrylates.

Debonder is used to clean up cured Cyanoacrylate Adhesive. Simply cover cured Cyanoacrylate with Debonder, and allow a few minutes before using a rag to remove material. Sometimes more than one process is needed to remove heavy build up. Will work on skin.

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